We are excited to announce that we will be a part of a unique online event called “Boundless Voices” on May 30th. It's hosted by Danielle Strickland, an influential voice who is set on equipping everyone—whether on a personal or corporate level—on learning how share their story well. 

The event combines live teaching with a variety of recorded video from “coaches” across the nation. We at Fiji Wild are privileged to be a part of this coaching group. Whether on a personal or business-wide level, this two hour event is a rare and special opportunity to find and tell your story. We found that, though we were technically coaches, we felt like we needed to be coached to tell our own story. Sitting in front of the camera, we had no idea what to say.

Ever since the beginning, we have made it a part of our mission to tell our story to all who want to listen. But for some reason, when we were first asked to share our story, especially for such a unique and powerful event, we hesitated on what to say. We doubted that we were qualified enough to be in such a company of coaches. 

We had to realize an important lesson. Any person or business who makes an impact, on any level, has a profound dignity and a story to tell. So we pressed record on our phones and stepped into our story and shared it. And funny enough, as the words flowed from our mouths, they had a new depth and quality to it. Though we had shared these events before, we highlighted different moments of our adventure and the lessons learned along the way. 

The beautiful part of this experience is that because we decided to jump into this special event, it is now a part of Fiji Wild’s story. It’s even now a part of our personal and individualized stories, too. 

So we take this moment, as you are reading this wherever you are, and invite you to take time to reflect on your own story. How have you been telling it? What have you highlighted through the main events, or even during certain smaller chapters? 

Ultimately, we hope you are inspired… Don’t be afraid to step out and tell your story. You have the voice to tell it. You never know how it might come out of your mouth in a new and unique way, and you never know the impact your story could have on the ears that hear it.

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