Single Origin Fijian Coffee

12 oz Coffee Bag

Fiji Wild is the smoothest, most chocolatey coffee we’ve ever tasted. We won’t put words in your mouth but, once you taste it, we think you might agree…


In 2013, a Fijian friend invited me to live in their community, sparking my interest in their way of life. I committed to learning their language, adopting their cooking and fishing practices, and embracing their connection to nature.


We founded a nonprofit to empower the community through various projects, such as housing, school supplies, and sustainability initiatives. We also stumbled upon wild coffee in the highlands, which has opened up exciting partnership opportunities.

Our Goal

Our goal is to enrich our lives, support our global community, and make a positive impact. We don't just sell coffee - we foster friendships, honor native culture, and embrace new experiences. Our coffee is a source of inspiration and fuel for pursuing your purpose

Customer Stoke

It genuinely feels like I’m part of something bigger than my cup of morning coffee.

We love the flavor. Hands down our favorite coffee.

I can drink it black. It’s the most amazing coffee I’ve ever had.

Chocolatey. Smooth. Delicious!