Discover the journey of the wild fiji bean.

Step 1

Wild coffee plants bloom freely and abundantly in the shaded river valleys and jungles of the Fijian islands.

Step 2

When the coffee cherries turn vibrant red, our Fijian partners hike through the jungle to harvest each one by hand.

Step 3

Once harvested, the cherries are dried for weeks by the tropical island sun on raised beds, slowly fermenting within the fruit.

Step 4

The coffee is then sent through a dehulling machine to remove the dried fruit and parchment.

Step 5

The clean green bean is shipped to the US where we small-batch roast it in Park City, UT.

Step 6

From Park City, the roasted beans find their way to you. We recommend freshly grinding, brewing in a french press, and enjoying with the people you love.

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Meet the smoothest, most chocolatey coffee we’ve ever tasted. We won’t put words in your mouth but, once you taste this goodness, we think you might agree…