From Farm to Cup: Single Origin Coffee Explained

A local fijian man inspecting coffee beans

In the vast universe of coffee, there are so many different aspects that you can easily get lost in trying to uncover what the most important factor is when choosing a new type of coffee to try. In this article we answer the question: what is single origin coffee, why it has been increasing in popularity lately, and most importantly, the benefits it brings to the consumer and the world! We believe we can give a reputable explanation to everything that single origin coffee entails because we have done extensive research as well as producing our own small batch single origin coffee for anyone to try.

What is Single Origin Coffee?

Single origin coffee is sourced from a single producer in one specific geographic region, farm, or even a single estate, allowing coffee lovers to experience the unique flavors and characteristics of that particular area while also knowing exactly where their coffee came from. Unlike blends, which blend beans from different regions, single origin coffees originate from a single location each having their own distinct flavors, which gives you a unique taste true to the cultivated region in every single sip. If you would like to discover this relationship further, check out our article on Coffee blend vs. single origin coffee which provides a deeper explanation of the relationship between these two products. 

The Relationship of Direct Trade and Single Origin Coffee:

As we continue down the path as to what single origin coffee is and why it is important, we come across a close relationship between direct trade and single origin coffee. It's like a Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen coffee power duo that, dare we say, makes the best coffee, but most importantly it is also sustainable and supports small businesses all over the world! Something that is much needed in today's age.

Direct trade coffee isn't only about where the coffee comes from, it's also about how it's made and processed. It's all about being fair and honest, from the farmer to the buyer. Instead of going through a middleman and trying to cut costs like many businesses do, direct trade cuts out the middleman and lets coffee roasters deal directly with the farmers. This means that the coffee is produced in smaller batches, the farmers get paid better, the roasters make sure the environment is taken care of, and the buyers know exactly where the coffee comes from and everything that is in it. With every cup of direct trade x single origin coffee you are not only enjoying a great flavor but also supporting a local business that is fair and sustainable for everyone involved. This is why we decided to launch Fiji wild to begin with! To not only create a great cup of coffee for people to enjoy all over the world, but to create a method of business that is sustainable for the local Fijians. 

Benefits for the Consumer:

But most importantly, how does single origin coffee benefit you, and why has it been increasing in popularity lately. Firstly, and we believe the most important factor is traceability and quality assurance, that means you know where the coffee you drink every day comes from. In this new age of production and streamlining businesses, it is not easy to trace back where our food or drink comes from and what is even in it, but with single origin coffee you know exactly where it comes from, what is in it, how it is made, and who you are supporting when you buy it.

The second factor is the rich and bold flavor single origin coffee provides while also shining a light on where it came from. As we stated above, there are many factors that come into play in how a cup of coffee tastes, such as the climate, soil, altitude, and meticulous processing techniques. Each single origin coffee product is unique to itself and shines a light on where it came from each time you take a sip. 

What is the best single origin coffee?

If you have decided you would like to try a single origin coffee product that not only delivers an enriching and smooth taste but is also an exotic coffee product that is made in small batches and comes from a region that truly gives thanks to every single purchase, then we would have to be biased and refer you to our product, Fiji Wild Coffee. It is made in small batches by a Fijian village, and if you would like to learn more feel free to check out our about page where we go in detail explaining the process from cultivation to the finished product as well as providing photos of the farmers that would be responsible for your cup of coffee.




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