There are many different factors that affect the flavor of the coffee in your mug. The bean’s origin, roast, and your choice of brew method all have a say in the taste. And you can't forget about the precise temperature of the water having impact as well! It is easy to forget, but there are endless factors that go into the flavor of a cup when diving into the “art of the brew.”

The more we drink and enjoy coffee, we find it’s the subtleties that amaze us, right? Can you taste the qualities of your coffee being smooth or acidic? Does it have bright notes of fruit or an earthy taste of cacao? How can you best enhance these attributes of the coffee? Much like a fine wine, everything affects the final product of flavor! 

We'll begin by diving into the brewing methods that are most commonly used to bring out the best characteristics in coffee.

Do you like a smooth cup? Then use a pour over/drip method with a Coffee Cone or a Chemex. How about bringing out the rich flavor of the bean with a plunger/press method using a French Press or AeroPress? The stovetop percolator gives that espresso smack to the taste buds, if you so prefer. Or, if you want to channel your inner Bill Nye, the Vacuum Siphon will surely wow all of your friends before you treat them to a tasty brew.

There are even more options, but if you want to take a deeper dive into these 6 methods, click here.

The choice is yours. What is the best brewing method for your coffee? What can help bring out both the delicious flavors AND the unique texture? 

fiji wild coffee

But for now, and for us, let’s focus on this: what is the best brewing method for Fiji Wild Coffee?

Our current blend is certainly known to have unique flavor and smooth texture, combining organic Costa Rica with our Fijian coffee. It has a certain depth and quality, mainly because it’s cultivated in the rich, natural soil of the Fiji jungle, with many exotic fruits surrounding it. The famous Fijian jungle creates a one of a kind home for this coffee.

Most people want a stronger flavor profile when doing espresso or a percolator. So, with our current blend, especially with it being at a medium roast, we recommend a pour-over. We love using the Chemex for this method. It brings out the complexities of lighter roasted coffees while heightening the smooth texture. This makes the wild, tropical taste even more amazing. Not to mention, it satisfies the sense of wanting to do a science experiment like the Vacuum Siphon, but without going too overboard! Go ahead and give the Chemex and try! Notice the delicious flavors and smooth texture. 

But all that to say, at the end of the day, to each their own! You're in for a rich experience any time you have Fiji Wild Coffee in your mug, no matter how it got there...

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