We, the Fiji Wild Team, are SO ready and excited to finally release into the world… the new face of Fiji Wild! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already discovered our new and improved website, which we are so stoked on. We’d also like to direct your attention to our legendary new logo (HUGE shoutout to Danica Mitchell of Finletter Creative for all of her amazing design work). Our team is absolutely in love with all of our updated colors, fonts, graphics… we’ve taken a lot of time to really hone in and knit together all of this stuff with our identity and values as a company.

Be sure to check out our Shop Page and snag some bags of coffee so you can experience our new packaging firsthand… and we’re super stoked to present our first line of print-on-demand merch products so you (and we!) can rep Fiji Wild on the reg!

For any of you coffee snobs out there (and also for just curious humans), we’ve added a whole page to walk you through our process from bloom to green bean. We’re always working on new ways to fine-tune the quality and subtlety of our coffee so you can expect to see some changes in that process each harvest season as we continue to invest in new machinery and expand our team Fiji-side! Read up on how it all goes down here.

As always, Fiji Wild Coffee is about a lot more than just coffee. This whole project started as a way to create job opportunities for rural communities in the Fijian highlands. There isn’t much up there at this point besides agriculture, and coffee is a natural resource that’s just beginning to be tapped into. We hope to continue to create a sustainable flow of income into those communities, and in return, receive (and share with you) the profoundly needed lessons in connection with the wild and with our own communities that Fijian culture represents to us so beautifully. (Check out more about our story here.) And of course, we will always commit to putting a portion of our profits back into the Fijian communities we partner with. You can see what we’ve been up to and the type of projects we do with those profits on our Impact page.

A lot of us at Fiji Wild have spent quite a bit of time on the big island, and each of us have grown to love the culture, the people, and the land in our own ways. At the most fundamental level, our foundation as a company is to take care of people the best ways we know how; our friends and partners in Fiji being first and foremost, and our own Fiji Wild family and community as well. We strive to build connections between individuals and cultures, and we do our best to continue to stay open and learn from each other. We hope that you feel taken care of as you discover our coffee, our projects, and our community! Feel free to reach out anytime to share your stories and thoughts, or shoot us any questions you might have about who we are and what we do.

Stay tuned for more awesome commentary and storytime right here on the Fiji Wild blog… And always remember to “value your village”. Thanks for checking us out!

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  • Seth Kelly

    I am in Fiji for a few days and would like to meet up.
    I am launching a wind powered roastery in Wellington NZ later this year and want to source beans from the South Pacific.

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