Fiji Wild is built on a foundation of valuing people over profit and taking care of our community on a small and a large scale. We will always put a portion of our profits back into the Fijian communities our coffee comes from. That looks like building houses for single moms, donating school and medical supplies, and continuing to provide sustainable income opportunities for families that live in the wild.

In March of 2020, we were able to fund our first project with profits from coffee sales. We brought out a team of volunteers to build a house for a single mom and her four kids.

Our ongoing commitment as a company is to build an infrastructure that promotes sustainable income opportunities for Fijian families that live in the wild.

During this 2022 harvest season, we have been able to create a source of income for 30-40 people each week. We’ve been able to work with villages to build more raised beds for drying coffee cherries and training people on our natural process. We are excited to continue expanding our operation to include more and more Fijians every year. The more coffee we sell, the more lives we can impact.